Q1) What are the acceptable modes of payment?

Ans- We currently accept Bank wire transfer, Online payment with Visa, Master or American express credit card & Paypal.

Q2) What method of purchase should I choose -single user, multi user and enterprise license?

Ans- If the report is required for personal use, the client should opt for single user license. Multi user license option is beneficial for groups having up to five users. If an organization wants to distribute the report to their subsidiaries and branches, they should go for the enterprise license.

Q3) In what format can we expect our reports?

Ans-We distribute our reports as Word documents, PDF & PPT as per the client’s order and the nature of the report.

Q4) Can we buy only a few sections of a report?

Ans-Yes, you can order specialized sections of a report. Clients should get in touch with our sales/customer service team for the same.

Q5) When can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Ans- You will get the receipt via e-mail after the purchase is made and the payment is processed.

Q6) Is it possible to cancel our purchase & get a refund?

Ans- As of now, we do not have a provision for refunds. Customers are requested to refer to our Refund policy for additional details about cancellation & refunds.

Q7) Is it possible to expand the scope of my report?

And- We are open to customizing our reports as per the client’s needs. They will also be given a chance to interact with our research analysts for the end product to be ideal.

For any other queries/information please contact our sales/customer service team at "[email protected]"