Our Services

Our Services

Syndicated Research

We provide our clients with a representative overview of the desired market by conducting research on a macro level. Research specialists at IT Intelligence Markets generate relevant & actionable intelligence by understanding the market landscape and explaining the client, their position in it. The intelligence also informs the client about how their brands and product offerings are perceived amongst existing customers and potential customers compared to those of their contenders. They further enlighten the end users with tips on gaining a jump-start on issues likely to affect the industry in the future. The report, thus, forms a well-rounded piece of market intelligence covering detailed understanding of specific issues within an industry and is an invaluable tool for gaining information on how to best station their organization in the international market.

Subject Matter Expertise Zone

Our highly skilled market research professionals can craft bespoke reports as per the customer’s special needs. If a client is looking for advanced information such as the brand share of a particular competitor, rare piece of information about a supply chain, key players of a niche or alternative distribution channels. We can prepare custom reports that comprise of minute details of market entry and export market development, economic impact analysis, industry benchmarking, merger and acquisition compatibility checks, partner search, trade dynamics, and advanced modelling and analytics data. The focus of the reports can be shifted as per the client’s preferences for quantitative or qualitative data pertaining to a variety of industries or countries.

Bespoke Proposals

IT Intelligence Markets offers counselling to global players along with providing them with syndicated and custom research reports. We are aware of the challenges that come with expanding the business internationally & how hard it can be to stand out in the aggressive market. We house an experienced team of market advisors that counsel organizations and investors in planning out strategies and financial & legal matters. Our consultants work closely with our research analysts to acquire a deeper understanding of market dynamics and hence are uniquely equipped to impart indispensable insights to help the client in avoiding unforeseen pitfalls and take measures to stay immune to common failures.

Subscription / Library Access

The access allows you to subscribe quarterly, half yearly and annually as per your data or report requirements.


Our research solutions empower businesses with knowledge and information. We believe when decisions are made on facts rather than assumptions or pre-conceived notions, new growth opportunities emerge. Our passionate team of analysts offers the most comprehensive, unbiased, and accurate syndicated and customized market research solutions. An eclectic combination of experience and modern research tools enables us to offer transformative market intelligence to our clients. Our market research and data collection methodologies are flexible and ever-evolving. We believe new technology brings new opportunities and challenges; that's why our analysts continue to update their skills to offer the best-in-class market intelligence that educates and inspires.

Accurate Market Forecast

Know which direction your market will take in the foreseeable future

Market Sizing

Understand market size and scale up accordingly

Business-specific Insights

Get insights that are relevant to your unique business

Market Entry Strategy

Successful market foray with our actionable insights