Research Methodology

Research Methodology

IT Intelligence Markets has a devoted team that cater to the unique needs of the healthcare market and its extensive market segments. Our research analysts are seasoned professionals and are thoroughly skilled in forecasting, cutthroat intelligence, in-depth industry assessment, data mining, financial planning, and compatibility analysis. This is done by conducting Primary & Secondary Research.

Stage 1: Primary Research

Market data is obtained via different means like Telephone interviews, Observations, Postal & Online surveys, Face-to-face surveys, Test marketing & white papers. This raw data is then collated upon & cross checked extensively. A number of authenticated databases & repositories are ransacked to get a thorough understanding of the market. First hand data is also collected from raw material suppliers, buyers and also distributers. This adds precision to the data. Efforts are made to obtain latest statistical data from highly trustworthy sources and drivers, restraints and opportunities of popular knowledge are put under check before verifying them through secondary research.

Stage 2: Secondary Research

We incorporate crucial popular insights into our reports by conducting secondary research and also use the insights so obtained to verify the data. Data is obtained from reliable popular archives, internal sources like invoices and sales figures & information on the success of marketing campaigns is also used to piece the report. The data is processed by using Porter’s five forces Analysis as well as SWOT analysis, the results of which are cross-validated from several sources. The final report includes a thorough market trend analysis, In-depth segmentation, Company profiles of key players, Growth drivers and market restraints, Industry challenges & Opportunities and Market sizing & valuable forecasting.